The Interiors


Open your mind to the possibilities of truly limitless living. Every home at The Crest has been designed to deliver the utmost in space and design. Even the smaller homes here are a luxurious 2225 square feet (206.7 sq. m.) with the largest homes offering an expansive 3907 square feet (362.97 sq. m.) The feeling of openness is further enhanced by the ceiling height of 3.2 m (10.6 ft.), which makes these the highest apartment ceilings ever created by DLF, minimal column sizes and a well-defined flow between living, dining and other private areas.


Marvel at the grandeur of the vast double-height entrance lobby which is adorned with carefully selected material and furnishings--from the stone floors to the hardwood accents and plush furnishings. As a special security feature, shuttle elevators from the basement can only access the ground floor lobby. Visitors are screened by trained personnel before proceeding via high-speed elevators to the apartment floors. There are separate service elevators and an exclusive service landing for support staff.


When you're ready to retreat into your own private space, you'll find yourself truly at peace in your impressive master bedroom. Just like all other areas at The Crest, the bedrooms are generously sized to offer comfort and serenity. Large, double-glazed windows provide sweeping vistas of the city and beyond, while keeping you cut off from outside noise. Walk-in closets, modular wardrobes and ample storage spaces provide a place for everything and keep your home free of clutter.


The bathrooms at The Crest are a fine amalgamation of practicality and luxury. The inspiration from spa-like living is evident in the marble floors and wall tiles, granite counters and custom fixtures. Under and over the counter storage cabinets and vanity spaces ensure that your belongings are always impeccably organized.


It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. The Crest truly defines this statement. With its well designed cabinetry, flexible modular design and high-end appliance package, you're sure to discover your inner gourmand.


The Crest's visionary design brings together timeless elements to create a single, balanced architectural statement. The landmark design is a mix of art deco, modern and classic styles that will appeal to connoisseurs.
Tall towers rise up from the sprawling 8.822 acre (35701 Sq. Mt.) site with dramatic flair. The architectural design ensures that you are cocooned from the noise of the bustling city, making The Crest your private oasis.